I love doing commercials, a genre that is very attractive  to me for its great visual power. I  enjoy working as a team with the client and the agency, excited about the challenge of bringing attractiveness and aesthetic coherence to the pieces.

My short-films have been selected  at more than 500 festivals throughout the world and have won over 50 awards.

The one-shot is a recurrent narrative form in my filmography. I have explored this staging in different works, hypnotized by the choreography between the camera and the actors. I like the rhythm and the realism of these long, continuous shots.

2020 - ALTSASU-TV Serial
2017 – FALSE FLAG– Fiction

!seven long takes¡ 2014 – ARCONADA– Fiction
2012 – TAXI– Doc
2011 – QWERTY – Fiction
2010 – MOLDATU – Fiction
2009 – TODO ES MAYBE– Doc 2008 – PIM PAM PUM– Fiction
!one long take¡ 2007 – MUSIKA – Fiction
2005 – ARCO IRIS – Fiction
2003 – Larzabal – Fiction

!one long take¡